AI Solutions

Computer Vision

Computer Vision enables computers and machines to recognize images and objects in them as human can. Computer vision finds wide application in Health care, manufacturing industries and satellite image analysis. Our solutions incorporate the latest

techniques in the field of image processing and analysis. We deliver comprehensive turn-key and take care of the entire process from development to deployment.

Computer Vision solutions can be broadly classified into image classification, image segmentation and object detection.

We understand the exact requirement of the customers and design solutions that are accurate, robust and reliable. Our solutions are designed to have a short ROI period.

Domains we have deployed our solutions are

Manufacturing Industries
Surface & component Inspection
Quality Inspection & Automation

Health Care
Diagnostic & Medical Devices

Warehouse & Package Inspection

Natural Language Processing

NLP or Natural Language Processing is the use of human language by computers. NLP finds application in understanding reviews and feedback from clients.

Topic Modelling
Topic modelling is used to classify a set of emails or articles into categories. The categories are generated by AI by parsing the text. For instance, all emails that have come to a department can be categorized in to a few topics. This helps understand what clients are looking for.

Knowledge Graphs
Knowledge graphs are used to identify topics and the relations between them from a body of text.

Time Series Analysis

Forecasting the future is vital for many business activities. For examples, companies may need to
predict sales over the next six months. They may also have to predict the cost of inputs such as fuel and raw materials over a period.

Time series analysis forecasts the values, such as sales, demand or cost over a period of time. We build highly accurate models that can forecast future values based on past trends and seasonality. Reliable models will help you optimize your purchase of raw materials and plan production to match future demand.




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