Artificial Intelligence

 How can Artificial Intelligence benefit your organization ?

Artificial Intelligence is the use of software to mimic human decision making.  Artificial Intelligence finds wide applications in the fields of industry, finance, health care and many other domains.

Using Artificial Intelligence in your organization 

Artificial Intelligence can help your organization in a number of ways, such as

  • Predict sales over a time period so that you can plan your production
  • Predict when a component will fail.  This helps you plan maintenance and to optimize the operation.
  • It can predict which of your customers will leave you
  • It can predict products which may interest your customers.  This helps us to upsell and increase revenue
  • Estimate the value of a product you are planning to sell.  This helps you to quote the right price.

Image Processing

Artificial Intelligence can help develop models that can analyze images.  AI can be used to 

  • Identify defects or flaws in X-rays 
  • Count the position or number of objects in images
  • Analyze Satellite Imagery
  • Identify diseases in medical images like X-Rays, CT Scan
  • Biometric identification of employees

Natural Language Processing

Analyzes language and text for patterns and similarities.  With NLP, you can

  • Identify sentiments in customer feedbacks or communication
  • Segment texts such as email and documents into categories.  This helps you focus on different products or customers

Real Time Monitoring

AI can help you monitor realtime parameters like the temperature of a bearing or the operating parameters of a machine.  AI can calculate the parameters in realtime and can predict failure ahead of time.    

Realtime Image Processing

Realtime image processing can be used to monitor a process line in the industry for faults, to spot intruders in a specified area and to record incidents.

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