Communication Skills for Managers

Communication is the bedrock of any relationship. Within organizations, communication between the different levels of management, within teams, and between the customer and the employees should be healthy, respectful and effective.

Effective and professional communication helps put your point across to customers, ensuring that their concerns and requirements are properly heard. Empathetic response from the organization helps build goodwill and trust, which translates into customer loyalty.

Duration: 1 day
Mode: Classroom / Online

Benefits to the organization

Communication skills builds an atmosphere of transparency and openness that creates trust among organization and between colleagues.

It also helps employees convey information about services and products to customers and to communicate with them effectively, which increases customer trust and loyalty.

Course Contents

Active Listening vs Passive Listening
Practising listening
Listening and Speaking
NonVerbal Communication
Exercises/ Case Studies

Body Language – deciphering cues
Conscious body posture
Visual contact
Sharing visual contact
Exercises/ Case Studies

Clarity and concision in communication
Talking too much or too little
Density of ideas
Friendliness in communication
Exercises/ Case Studies

Being polite
Personalised communication
Types of communication
Face-to-Face vs written
Exercises/ Case Studies

Virtual vs real communication
Voice modulation in communication
Practising voice modulation
Empathy in communication
Exercises/ Case Studies

Understanding the other side
Disagreeing with grace
Developing a Coherent Communication Strategy for the organization

Conclusion and Feedback

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