Corporate Training in Bangalore

Corporate Training in BangaloreThe Institute of Corporate Analytics and Training, apart from providing services to the corporate Training in Bangalore, also caters to individual clients from diverse sectors throughout India’s metro cities serving as a major technological hub. If not for this pandemic, none of us would have intended sitting with our phones, tablets, or laptops to gain knowledge. Our business clients can choose from the following courses. All the Corporate training in Bangalore programmes are led by professional and well-trained instructors who will ensure that you get the training which you need to reach your organization’s strategic goals.

Each of our courses is customized to meet the specific needs of our clients. Please let us know about your exact requirements, and our trainers will create a programme that is tailored to your needs. When it comes to Corporate Training in Bangalore, there is no need of hesitation in preferring us as a better alternative. Human race owes a debt of gratitude to technological advancements for making it possible to enhance their skills in both technical and behavioural abilities, as well as the requirements of your employees in the corporate sector for simple comprehension and retention of concepts

Our Corporate Training Courses in Banglore

Root Cause Analysis Leadership Skills Critical Thinking
Negotiation Skills Train the Trainers Conflict Management
Emotional Intelligence Communication Skills Customer Satisfaction

About us:

We take great pride in training people from a diverse industrial sector, including petrochemicals and information technology, over the last 2 decades. South East Asia, Europe, and the Middle East are few of our international clientele. All our partner companies and organisations can acquire benefit from both customised and regular training.

We’ve imparted behavioural skills, including soft skills, negotiation, and dispute resolution to a great extent of employees in the corporate sector. On-site industrial training has also been provided to clients and it is ensured that each and every candidate finishes the training with the desired skills and knowledge

Each and every programme of corporate training in Bangalore are created with the high demands of various levels and functions in mind which is specifically tailored to the participants’  learning objectives.

Why Choose us:

On an extensive range of corporate and management trainings from different organizations and corporations from various fields throughout the world, over 5000 people have been benefitted at the Institute of Corporate Analytics and Training. Our expertise of trainers are skillful, self- driven and highly experienced. The design of all the courses combines academic principles with hands-on experience in the field. Case studies from the field, role plays, and simulations are employed to demonstrate the concepts and approaches for our intensive learning.

Undoubtedly at the end of the Corporate training in Bangalore your attitude and level of confidence and enthusiasm will be impacted and equipped with skills and knowledge as well as application approaches in the corporate arena for you to excel.

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