Customer Satisfaction Management Training

Customer Satisfaction is the most important priority for any organization. The customer is the focal point of all the activities of the organization. It is, therefore, vital that the customers are satisfied and happy about the product or services they are receiving. Highly satisfied customers translate into more business, increased share in the market, more revenue and employees with high morale and satisfaction.

This course is focused on employees in an organization who directly and indirectly interact with the customers. The participants will be trained on the need and importance of customer satisfaction. Participants will understand the different types of customers and the ways of approaching them and catering to their different needs and temperaments.

Duration: 1 day

Mode: Classroom / Online

Benefits to the organization

This course helps employees to improve their focus on the customers. It teaches methods to preemptively anticipate the customers needs and develop solutions. Improved customer satisfaction directly translates into customer loyalty and improved business.

Course Contents

The need and the importance of keeping customers satisfied.
How customer satisfaction has a direct relation to organizational growth.
Setting Customer Satisfaction levels and managing them
The life cycle of customer satisfaction
Case Studies/ Exercises

Handling difficult situations and turning them into opportunities and advantages.
Customer Life Time Value – calculating it
Creating a customer-centric culture to achieve growth for all members in the organization as well as for the customer.
Understanding the different types of customers and their expectations.
Case Studies/ Exercises

Customer Retention
Handling Competition
Winning back former customers
Understanding needs and reasons for dissatisfaction
Case Studies/ Exercises

Developing tools to measure customer satisfaction.
Getting feedback from customers and learning from it.
Techniques to influence the customers
Improving customer satisfaction
Case Studies/ Exercises

Conclusion and Feedback

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