Human Resources Development

Human Resource Development is the framework for helping employees develop their skills, knowledge, and abilities, which in turn improves an organization’s effectiveness.

Human resource development helps organizations develop their workforce through employee training and career development which improves organizational effectiveness and performance.

Duration: 3 days
Mode: Classroom / Online
Deliverables: CourseWare Hard/ Soft Copies

Course Contents

Evolution of HRD 
Developmental Perspective of HRD 
HRD at macro and micro levels

Outcomes of HRD 
Qualities and Competencies required in a HRD professional
Importance of HRD in the Present Context
Difference between HRM and HRD Organization of HRD Function
Exercises and Case Studies

Human Resource Development System: 
HRD Mechanisms 
Climate and Culture
Influences of Employee Behavior 

Model of Employee Behavior 
External and Internal Factors Influencing Employee Behavior
Learning and HRD
Learning Principles 
Exercises and Case Studies

Maximizing Learning 
Individual Differences in the Learning Process 
Exercises and Case Studies
Learning Strategies and Styles 
Instructional and Cognitive Psychology
Developing Human Capacity
Aptitude, Knowledge, Values
Skills of Human Relations
Exercises and Case Studies

Loyalty and Commitment 
Leadership Development

Evaluating HRD
Human Resource Accounting 
HR Audit and Benchmarking 
Impact Assessment of HRD initiatives on the bottom-line of an organization
Exercises and Case Studies

Training and Development
Meaning and Scope of training 
Education and development
Training need analysis 

Types of training Internal and external 
Outbound Training 
Attitudinal training 
Principles Involved in Selection of Training Method 
Exercises and Case Studies

Techniques of Training Different Levels
Training effectiveness
Career Planning and Development
Succession planning
Feedback and Conclusion

Why choose us

At the Institute of Corporate Analytics and Training, we have trained over 5000 professionals on a wide range of corporate and management trainings from many organizations and companies, from diverse domains,  around the world.  We have a team of highly motivated and experienced team of trainers.  Our trainings are designed to blend theoretical concepts with field experience.  The concepts and techniques you will learn will be illustrated with case studies from the field, role plays and simulations.

Rest assured that at the end of the training programs, you will emerge confident and energized armed with skills and knowledge as well as the techniques of applying them.

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