Logistics Training

Logistics is widely known as the process of coordinating and moving resources such as equipment, food, liquids, inventory, materials and people from one location to the storage of the desired destination. It was originally a military-based term that was used to describe how the military force obtained, stored and moved equipment and supplies. In the supply chain and business sense, logistics is the management of the flow of things between the point of origin and consumption, so to fulfil the requirements of consumers or corporations. The logistics of the aforementioned resources involve the integration of production, packaging, warehousing, transportation, security, materials handling and information flow.

Duration: 3 days
Mode: Classroom / Online
Deliverables: CourseWare Hard/ Soft Copies

Course Contents

Logistics -Evolution, Nature and Importance 
Components of Logistics Management 
Competitive Advantages of Logistics
Functions of Logistics management
Logistics Network 
Integrated Logistics system
Elements of Logistics and Inventory carrying 
Ware housing
Exercises/Case Studies

Material handling
Order processing
Demand Forecasting
Impact of Forecasts on Logistics and
Performance measurements
Modes of Transportation 
Exercises/Case Studies

Factors influencing Transport economics 
Documentation in Transport 
Decision Making
Warehousing / Distribution 
Functions of Warehouse 
Benefits of Warehouse Service
Warehousing Alternatives 
Warehouse site selection
Exercises/Case Studies

Factors while initiating Warehouse
Warehouse Management Systems Packing and Materials Handling 
Functions of packaging
Packaging cost
Types of Packaging Material
Exercises/Case Studies

Designing a package factors affecting choice of packaging materials.
Organisation for effective logistics performance
Centralised and decentralised structures
Stages of functional aggregation in organisation
Financial issues in logistics performance
Steps in ABC costing
Exercises/Case Studies

Financial Gap Analysis 
Integrated Logistics
Need for Integration
Activity Centres in Integrated Logistics Role of 3PL and 4PL
Logistics Information Systems
Design and Functions
Conclusion and Feedback

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At the Institute of Corporate Analytics and Training, we have trained over 5000 professionals on a wide range of corporate and management trainings from many organizations and companies, from diverse domains,  around the world.  We have a team of highly motivated and experienced team of trainers.  Our trainings are designed to blend theoretical concepts with field experience.  The concepts and techniques you will learn will be illustrated with case studies from the field, role plays and simulations.

Rest assured that at the end of the training programs, you will emerge confident and energized armed with skills and knowledge as well as the techniques of applying them.

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