Operations Management

Operations Research is a vital part of management. Operations Research uses analytical techniques to solve problems and make decisions. Problems are deconstructed to more simpler components. These components are then solved through mathematical analysis.

Decision making is made more reliable and effective with the use of operations research. The use of operations research enables organizations to develop more comprehensive datasets and predict outcomes more accurately and predict risk.

Duration: 3 days
Mode: Classroom / Online
Deliverables: CourseWare Hard/ Soft Copies

Course Contents


Operations Management- Nature, Scope
Historical Development
Functions- Long term Vs Short term 
Issues- A Systems Perspective

Manufacturing Trends in India
Production Design and Process Planning
Types of Production Processes
Exercises/Case Studies

Plant Capacity
Capacity Planning
Make or Buy Decisions
Use of Crossover Chart for Selection Processes
Types of Charts used in Operations Management
Exercises/Case Studies
Plant Location
Factors to be considered in Plant Location
Location Analysis Techniques 
Choice of General Region

Particular community and Site
Multiple Plant Location Decision
Plant Location Trends
Layout of Manufacturing Facilities
Exercises/Case Studies

Principles of a Good Layout
Layout Factors
Basic Types of Layout
Principles of Materials Handling 

Materials Handling Equipments
Role of Ergonomics in Job Design
Exercises/Case Studies

Inventory Control and Maintenance
Basic Inventory Models
Economic Order Quantity
Economic Batch Quantity

Reorder Point
Safety Stock
Inventory Costs
Classification and Codification of Stock
ABC Classification
Exercises/Case Studies

Materials Requirement Planning (MRP)
Implications of Supply Chain Management
Maintenance: Preventive Vs Breakdown Maintenance
Exercises/Case Studies

Group Replacement Vs Individual Replacement
Breakdown Time Distribution
Maintenance of Cost Balance
Procedure for Maintenance
Exercises/Case Studies

Design of Work Systems
Work Study
Method Study and Motion Study

Work Measurement
Time Study
Performance Rating
Allowance Factors
Exercises/Case Studies

Standard Time
Work Sampling Techniques
Job Sequencing and Scheduling
Quality Control

Purpose of Inspection and Quality Control
Different Types of Inspection
Acceptance Sampling
The Operating Characteristic Curve
Exercises/Case Studies

Control Charts for Variables and Attributes
Service Operations Management
Introduction to Services Management
Nature of Services
Types of Services
Service Encounter
Exercises/Case Studies

Designing Service Organizations
Service Facility Location and Layout
Service Blueprinting
Waiting Line Analysis for Service Improvement

Service Processes and Service Delivery
Conclusion and Feedback

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