Sales and Distribution Management

Sales refers to the exchange of goods/ commodities against money or service. It is the only revenue generating function in an organization. It has formed an important part in business throughout history. Even prior to the introduction of money, people used to exchange goods in order to fulfill the needs, which is known as the barter system.

Distribution is the process of making a product or service available for use or consumption to the end consumer or business.

Distribution could be of the following two types −

Direct Distribution
It can be defined as expanding or moving from one place to another without changing direction or stopping. For example, Bata has no distribution channel; it sells its products directly to the end consumers.

Indirect Distribution
It can be defined as means that are not directly caused by or resulting from something. For example, LG sells its product from the factory to the dealers, and it reaches the consumers through dealers.

Duration: 3 days
Mode: Classroom / Online
Deliverables: CourseWare Hard/ Soft Copies

Course Contents

Organization Framework of The Field Sales Force: 
Sales force Automation 
Types of Field Sales Organizations 
Career in Field Sales Management. Field 

Emerging trend in Sales Management 
Sales Manager 
His Tasks and Responsibilities 
Relation with Salesman and Relationships with top Management 
Exercises/Case Studies

Coordinating and Controlling the Marketing Mix
Operating Environment for Field Sales Force
Soft ware application in Sales Management.
Information and Planning

Qualities and Role
Hierarchy of Objectives and Goals
Concept of Strategies and Tactics
Development of Sales Performance Standards 
Exercises/Case Studies

Sales Forecasting 
Methods and Procedural Steps in Forecasting 
Sales Budgeting 
Allocation of Field Sales Resources

Design Sales Territories
Procedure for Designing
Determining Manpower Requirements
Recruiting, Methods and The Selection System
Exercises/Case Studies

Sales Quotas, 
Types of Sales Quotas, its Purpose and Managerial Evaluation. 
Man Power Planning and Staffing 
Responsibilities, tools and Methods of Selection

Motivational and Compensation
Procedures for Sales Force 
Method of Financial Incentives and its Purpose 
Designing A Compensation Plan
Exercises/Case Studies

Evaluation of Performance and Control
Sales Position
Theories of Selling 

Understanding Consumer Behavior
Sales Audit and Analysis 
Control of Sales Efforts and Costs
Exercises/Case Studies

Transport and Handling
Economics of Transportation
Determining Optimum Mode of Transport 

Procedures and Documentation
Dealer Network
Role of Middlemen/Dealer in Marketing and Distribution
Exercises/Case Studies

Channel Information System 
Designing a Channel information system
Dealer Functions at Wholesale and Retail Level 
National and International Channel of Distribution

Strategic Plan of Network 
Location, Selection 
Appointment and Termination of Dealers 
Morale and Motivation
Exercises/Case Studies

Conclusion and Feedback

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